What are Treasury Management Services?

Treasury Management services are designed to help business clients improve processing of business receivables, optimize payment options, manage use of funds, while mitigating risk and maintaining visibility of banking activities. Treasury Management services are principally broken into 5 parts: receivables, payables, fraud, information, and liquidity management. Continue reading

Best Savings Apps of 2016

Creating a budget is the first step in understanding how careful saving and planning can improve your personal financial situation. But identifying and sticking to a budget that fits your lifestyle can seem daunting, timely, and difficult. Luckily, we have anytime access to the most unique financial advisor that is available at the palm of our hand. Continue reading

Pre-Qualify Early for a Home Loan If You Are in the Market to Buy

Our current lending environment offers historically low interest rates in conjunction with an extremely hot real estate market. In a setting where multiple offers are being received on any property priced from $150K – $450, it is important to ensure that your offer is taken seriously. To do so, get pre-qualified with an experienced Loan Originator before you make an offer or even start shopping for a home. Getting pre-qualified allows you to know how much of a house you can afford and gives you an edge over the competition. Listing agents advise their sellers to only accept offers from potential buyers who have been pre-qualified.

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Green Steps to a Greener Workplace

Implementing go-green initiatives in the workplace takes dedication, hard work, and an enthusiastic attitude towards the environment. A greener workplace not only creates an eco-friendly environment but also inspires associates to work more productively and cautiously. Small and simple eco-friendly improvements can be made in the workplace to lay down a solid go-green foundation for the future. Here are some easy eco-friendly quick fixes that could be integrated into the workplace to encourage a greener office:

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Best Ways to Start Saving for the Holiday

“Christmas in July” is the name of a movie in which a man called Jimmy is tricked into believing he’s won $25,000 in a national radio contest. (It’s from 1940, but the point remains.) He promptly goes out and blows his winnings on a shopping spree. When the truth comes out that Jimmy didn’t win, the department store owner tries to repossess all the presents Jimmy bought for his girlfriend, his mother and everyone on the block.

The movie has a happy ending — Jimmy is officially named the contest winner after all — but real life is seldom so benevolent when we overspend. Here are some steps to avoid such a predicament this holiday season: Continue reading